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Small Business Hiring Tips

Hiring decisions have a huge impact on company culture and on your bottom line.  Great people make great organizations.  With the stakes being so high, it’s vital to hire the right people.  Below are a few tips that can help you to ensure that you’re making the best hire.


Establish Job and Work Expectations Up Front

In the hiring process, it’s only natural for hiring managers to want to paint the best possible picture about a job, the benefits, perks, company culture, etc.  However, it’s just as important to be upfront with the applicant about employee expectations as well such as the need to arrive prior to the start of their ship or the need to request time off in advance, etc.

It’s also important to understand the traits necessary to make a candidate successful in the position before starting the hiring process.  This will ensure that you’re targeting the right candidates and increase your odds of success.

Utilize Talent Assessments to Pre-Screen Candidates

There’s nothing worse than hiring an employee only to realize that they don’t even have the skills to perform the job.  Your company can avoid this mistake by testing candidates’ skills in the application and interview process.  For example, if you’re hiring to fill an IT role for a software programmer, it would be wise to test their programming skills by giving them an exercise to complete.  If you’re hiring an administrative assistant, perhaps it would be wise to test their Microsoft Office and writing skills as a way to determine their fit for the role.  You can also give candidates case studies in the interview process to understand how they think and problem solve.

Develop a Consistent Process

It’s important to develop a process and refine it until it produces the results that you want.  From there, engrain it in your company culture to maintain the discipline to follow the process each and every time.  Developing a best in class hiring process can give your business a competitive edge.


Don’t Rush

The worst thing that you can do is settle for a candidate who isn’t the right fit. The time and financial cost of high turnover far exceeds that of establishing an effective screening and selection process.


Be Prepared

Prepare yourself and your hiring managers to be great interviewers by choosing the interview style(s) that you’ll utilize such as behavioral interviews, stress interviews, panel interviews, etc., and mastering them.  Also be sure to read each candidate’s application or resume prior to the interview to ensure that you’re asking the most informative questions possible.

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